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June 2016

The geo-service center of the German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) offers now for free the CORINE Land Cover 2012 (10 ha) product for Germany in an enhanced spatial resolution of 10 ha minimum mapping unit (instead of 25 h MMU). The dataset is based on the generalization of the land cover model LBM-DE2012 (1 ha Auflösung).

Detailed information on the dataset, web-based services and download opportunities in several projections can be received via the following website:

Info:  > CORINE Land Cover 2012 (10 ha)
Contact: BKG Service Center

April 2016

As part of the European wide CORINE Land Cover 2012 dataset, the CLC2012 product for Germany (25 ha MMU) is available in the GISU system of UBA (GISU: Geographical Information System Environment). CLC2012 is based on the geometry of LBM-DE2012. Besides the status at 2012, also the CLC change layer in comparison to 2006 (with 5 ha MMU) can be downloaded; see:

Info:  > CLC 2012
GISU Catalog:  > Search for: CLC2012

February 2016

The Digital Land Cover Model for the reference year 2012, LBM-DE2012, is available for ordering at the German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG). The minimum mapping unit of LBM-DE is 1 ha. More detailed information concerning the database creation, the content and the opportunities for purchase can be gained via the following web page:

Info:  > Digital Land Cover Model
Digital land cover model for Germany LBM-DE2012:  > LBM-DE2012
Digital land cover model for Germany DLM-DE2009:  > DLM-DE2009

November 2014

As part of DFD concerning CORINE Land Cover 2012 (CLC2012) in Germany, the last part of the dataset 'CLC2006_Backdating' was finally transferred to BKG in beginning of October 2014. The dataset comprises a backdating of the Digital Landscape Model DLM-DE 2009 to the year 2006, with a minimum mapping unit of 1 ha. Besides satellite data of the IMAGE2006 database, Landsat data from summer 2006 and AWiFS data from 2005/2006, various Copernicus products like the 'Soil Sealing Layer 2006' were used. - The dataset CORINE Land Cover 2012 is under work by BKG.

February 9, 2010

The final products of the CLC2006 data base and the change data base CLC2006_Change have been accepted and are available for orders (download) now.

December 21, 2009

The update of CORINE Land Cover 2006 for Germany was finished, the final products of the database CLC2006 and of the derived changes against 2000, CLC2006_Change, were submitted to EEA for the final technical control. It is planned to make the datasets available in the beginning of February 2010.

November 2008

The satellite data and additional data for the survey of CORINE Land Cover update 2006, phase 2, are transmitted to the participating companies of EFTAS and Infoterra GmbH. Up to the end of 2009, the update of CLC2006 is to be finished for Germany.

November 2007

By the kickoff-meeting at 7-November-2007, the first phase of the CORINE Land Cover update 2006 started, in which the first half of Germany is to be covered. In the first phase, the companies EFTAS, GAF AG and Infoterra GmbH are participating.

Fast access to documents regarding CORINE Land Cover 2006 and CORINE Land Cover 2000:

> CLC2006 Endbericht as pdf document
> CLC2000 Endbericht as pdf document
> CLC2000 final report as pdf document




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Copyright © 2007 Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR). Alle Rechte vorbehalten.